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We want to make sizing your pets as easy as possible by following the charts below. Please note that each product vendor has a different sizing chart and rarely are there two items, even from the same vendor, that measure the same.

These charts can be used for both dogs and cats. Please size up and measure with a soft measuring tape to ensure accuracy. Questions? Email Customer Care at hello@furrrbulous.com.

How To Measure Your Pet: 

Chest: Measure the circumference all the way around your pet at widest point of the chest, behind the front legs. 

Back/Length: Where the collar would sit to the start of the tail.

Neck: Measure the circumference all the way around the neck leaving 1-2 fingers (1 for small dogs/2 for large dogs) to breathe easy.

Legs: Measure from where the leg and body connect (the pet's armpit if you will) to the paw. You don't need to go to the ground, you can stop at the pet's ankle.

*For a relaxed fit, leave two fingers space for collars and harnesses.

Conversion Chart:

Easily convert inches to centimeters or vice versa using the conversion chart.