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Welcome to our Furrr Fam!

We get it. Furrr babies are family. And our furrr babies are obnoxiously spoiled, loved to pieces and mean the world to us. If you feel the same about your pets you are in the right place! 

Founded in San Francisco by a single mum, her 8 year-old daughter, two Siamese cats, and an adorable Pomeranian with Alopecia X (who requires a ton of cute clothes for skin protection), we have tested and carefully curated the most luxe and functional apparel, leashes, harnesses, toys, beds, and accessories. Think where Elle Woods would shop for her beloved chihuahua Bruiser. Just shop and snap!
Together we created a high-end, one-stop pet shoppe with high-touch customer care for the most spoiled pets on the planet. Whether your pets are posh, boho, picky, or scrappy, we offer the purrrfect products for your oh so Furrrbulous loved ones. 
We’re thrilled to have you here and look forward to providing your family with best in show pet goods that make for a happier home. 
Cristina, Sofia, Penny (the Pom), Coco + Bianca (the Siamese kitties) 🐾 💛